8 Workplace Safety Culture building essentials

Health and Safety System

Creating a positive Workplace Safety culture is an ongoing process and is a total commitment for the whole company. A positive attitude towards safety results in a reduction in accidents and injury. Here are 8 essential components to get you building a strong company safety culture.

1. Share your safety vision: Everyone should be involved when establishing goals and objectives for a company’s safety culture. Nominate leaders and drivers of safety.

2. Define safety responsibilities: Do this for all levels within your company, including updating policies and procedures for the safety culture.

3. Enforce safety accountability: Everyone in the company must accountable and be clearly involved, including managers and supervisors.

4. Provide safety options: Provide a pathways for team members to bring forward safety concerns. Follow a chain of command, make supervisors accountable for responding.

5. Report Safety Issues: Train employees how to report injuries and near misses. Over reporting is often better than under-reporting.

6. Review safety investigation processes: Correct incident investigation methods are critical to make sure they are effective and get to the root cause of situation. (Like the 5 WHYS system)

7. Build safety trust: Trust is a critical element that will help everyone work together to ensure improvements continue.

8. Celebrate safety success: Recognize and celebrate your teams successes to help everyone continue a positive safety culture!